White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

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Eloy Jiménez

Eloy Jimenez hasn't been healthy enough to produce with the White Sox.

The name Eloy Jiménez gets White Sox fans most frustrated. Easily the most powerful on the team, Jiménez can smack 30 to even 40 home runs a season. He drives in runs and is a beacon of positive energy. With a team like this, positive energy is more important than fans know.

A sad reality for Sox fans is that Eloy is on a list like this. He can be a star but finds himself in freak accidents and on IL stints. However, that may be his saving grace.

Simply because Eloy has yet to have consistent time on the field, he doesn't have much experience for the Sox to rely on when finding his market. It's easier to pitch Anderson, Moncada, and Robert Jr simply because of their athleticism but you're not trading for Jiménez's defense.

He's only a commodity because of his bat. That may be enough for most other teams not to want to take the risk. The realistic return for Jiménez would not be worth it.

Because of his torn pec trying to rob a home run and an appendectomy, Jimenez will most likely stay this season. His bad luck is due to run out and it's not worth giving up on him now and taking a fraction of what he is potentially worth.