White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Dylan Cease

Trading Dylan Cease has pros and cons for the Chicago White Sox.

The word untouchable for a team like the White Sox should not be in the front office's vocabulary. That being said, Dylan Cease is close to it but a wild trade package would do the trick.

With control through 2025, it makes little sense to trade Cease now. He is the White Sox's best trade piece but considering his age, skill, and contract, he isn't the guy to trade for this retooling.

Cease is the pitcher you want to build around. You only want to trade away his ace quality stuff if your record looks like the Oakland A's. He is one of the faces of this franchise, and this is a retooling. Trading away Cease would signal a rebuild and we know that is not something this ownership wants.

Not to mention trading him right now would mean not getting his full potential value in return. 2022, Cy Young runner-up Dylan Cease would draw a hefty price. 2023 4.63 ERA having Dylan Cease would not bode the best return.

Teams will certainly check in with Rick Hahn about Cease because everyone knows he can pitch better than he has trying to get a bargain.

If the package blows everyone away, I don't see a reason why not but that package has to include a future ace, a top-100 prospect or two, and maybe even more.