White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Lucas Giolito

Lucas Giolito's stock has been rising during the 2023 White Sox season.

Again, in a perfect world, Lucas Giolito is that strong number 2 that will right the ship no matter what. He has an intensity that gives him the ability to take over ball games completely. That look in his eyes with the rocking on the rubber is terrifying.

However, we are in this world and Giolito is on the trade block. Considering Dylan Cease is the only (kind of) untouchable remaining, Giolito would bring the second-best haul straight up.

On a contract year, Giolito will be a rental if dealt which might bring down his price but taking a no-hitter through at least six innings twice this year balances that out. His walk rate is down from 3.40 to 2.91, with a higher left on base percentage from 71% to 80%.

While having ace-like stuff, Giolito is that second arm in the rotation that will grind and try everything to get that win. For a contending playoff team, he is extremely valuable. If only the Chicago White Sox were that contending playoff team.

A struggle-filled 2022 delayed any talks of a contract extension heading into his contract year. Had he kept his ERA at or around 3.50 and cut the 61 walks in half, he would've had a case for some negotiation.

His need to prove himself and the team's state has made Giolito a prime trade candidate. Do I want to see him gone? Of course not. Do circumstances point to a possible trade? Unfortunately, yes.