White Sox: 7 players to trade away in the retooling phase

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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Lance Lynn

Lance Lynn has had a very tough season with the Chicago White Sox.

Of everyone on the team, excluding relief pitchers, it's safe to say Lance Lynn is out the door. Pitching is always necessary and Lynn is on a good enough run that the Sox could get a solid return.

With a club option next season, the White Sox will likely exercise it. The best return for the White Sox would be to market Lynn as a borrowed arm for the postseason. Considering this, the best possible return for Lynn would also involve another player.

A Robert Jr/Lynn trade, a Moncada/Lynn trade, or Lynn and a reliever is the best package for the Sox to market for their retooling. A Giolito/Lynn trade may be enticing to some teams.

During his time in black and white, Lance Lynn wore the colors better than anyone. In his short stint as a Southsider, he showed that he embodied that image and made himself a White Sox fan favorite. He may not get a statue but die-hard fans will always remember the big yell after a huge strikeout.

You either die the hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain. Lynn's time in Chicago was great but because the White Sox need to retool, a departure at this time is warranted.

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