White Sox: Andrew Benintendi has had a very interesting spring season

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
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The Chicago White Sox did not have a huge offseason as far as signing big talent but they grabbed a few guys that just might be able to help them win a few more games in 2023.

One of the guys that they got was free agent Andrew Benintendi, an outfielder formerly of the New York Yankees, Kansas City Royals, and Boston Red Sox.

Benintendi promises to be at least a little bit of an upgrade in left field. He’s not a lights-out going make a huge difference type of player but he’s a very good one. He should be able to help the White Sox score a few more runs this season.

 In looking at his stats from last year, Benintendi was at bat a total of 461 times, had 140 hits with 54 runs, five home runs, and 51 runs batted in. He also stole eight bases and had a slash line of .304/.373/.772.

In spring training so far, he has been kind of quiet. In 35 at-bats, he has hit the ball a total of seven times including one home run and two runs batted in to go along with two runs. Right now, he has a batting average of .200

The Chicago White Sox are in need of a big year from Andrew Benintendi.

Benintendi has had a successful defensive spring in the outfield in somewhat limited action. He’s made the plays when they have needed to be made. He has ensured that no one questions his defensive prowess.

But some may question his offensive output and what some may describe as a little bit less than desired but it’s spring training so you can’t put a whole lot of stock in what a player has done in the spring.

Still, his lack of offensive production in 35 plate appearances is something to scratch your head about. A few more hits or another home run or two would be nice to see. A few more runs batted in would have helped his cause a bit.

Never fear White Sox fans, Benintendi will end up being a solid player in 2023 even though it may not seem like it now. His slow spring is not any indication of things to come. Some people may forget that he was an all-star player just last year and should play at or even above that level again this year.

Imagine if the White Sox could have an all-star in the outfield. They could perhaps even have two with Luis Robert Jr. playing well should he be able to remain healthy.

The White Sox outfield could be one of the best in the league in 2023.

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