White Sox: Chris Getz has high praise for Luis Robert Jr.

Chicago White Sox v Washington Nationals
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Everyone knows that the Chicago White Sox had a horrendous season. They are one of the worst teams in Major League Baseball right now. It is absolutely pathetic to think about this as a year that they should be contending in the American League.

It wasn't all bad this season, however, as they had some really good play from Luis Robert Jr. who was a borderline MVP candidate for most of the season. They shut him down because of a slight injury with a few games left but there was no doubt that he was healthy and playing well all year.

Robert Jr. ended the season with a WAR of 4.9. He was basically a 5 WAR player because of his ability to play centerfield at the highest level and his ability to hit very well. He had a slash line of .264/.315/.542 for an OPS of .857.

He hit 38 home runs and had 80 RBIs with 90 runs scored and 20 stolen bases. There is still another level that he can reach but this was a great breakout season for him. He dealt with injury a lot early in his career but he was clearly healthy and good to go for most of 2023.

The Chicago White Sox need to get Luis Robert Jr. a good team around him.

Earlier in the week, Chris Getz had some very high praise for Luis Robert Jr. Clearly, the new GM and President has a good grasp of how good he was this season. This is a player that can be built around if the organization is smart.

Chris Getz is absolutely right about being lucky to have Robert and witness his development. Without him, the future would be even more bleak than it already is. They need to do him some justice and build a great team around him. They don't need to let the losing linger with a player like this on the team.

Seeing stats like the one in the Tweet above shows just how good and diverse Robert Jr. was this season. He is already one of the most talented players in White Sox history. There needs to be winning that comes along with it for his greatness to be truly realized.

Hopefully, that happens soon. Chris Getz needs to be active this winter and do what he can to make sure that this team is getting better every day. Until they are good again, Robert Jr.'s talent is being wasted away.

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