White Sox: 3 crazy trade packages for Tyler Glasnow

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Trade Two

To White Sox: Tyler Glasnow, cash considerations - To Rays: Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox could move Dylan Cease in a trade like this.

Dylan Cease is a tad bit younger than Tyler Glasnow but he isn't as good of a pitcher. In 2022, Cease was much better but Glasnow at his peak pre-injury was even better.

Neither of these two teams are likely to retain their guy so swapping them might make sense for both sides. Each of them has the talent to be elite so it is worth the risk.

Because of the age and injury thing, the White Sox might some cash in return to get a deal like this done. The White Sox are getting the older player so they might as well get something else back. A prospect in addition to Glasnow would make sense too.

Of course, the White Sox will always welcome more cash. They are one of the teams that believe they don't have a lot of money. Maybe, they'd be able to spend a little more if they made a deal like this.

It would be very tough for the White Sox to lose Cease. His ceiling is incredibly high but he may not see a year like 2022 ever again. At least Glasnow reached the peak of his development.

He'd also come to Chicago and bring a lot more leadership than Cease which might be something they need.