White Sox: 3 crazy trade packages for Tyler Glasnow

Boston Red Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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Trade Three

To White Sox: Tyler Glasnow - To Rays: Bryan Ramos, Ky Bush, Sean Burke

The Chicago White Sox could move a few good prospects in trades.

The Chicago White Sox are a team that could move some good prospects in order to land some MLB talent. They keep claiming that they are trying to win in 2024 but they have to make moves to prove it.

Trading guys like Bryan Ramos, Ky Bush, and Sean Burke for Glasnow could work out well for both sides. Again, the Rays are good at developing so they might want to get as many prospects back as possible. Tampa Bay can take struggling prospects and turn them into stars unlike any team in the league.

If the White Sox were to add a pitcher like this, they'd have to add more in order to make the rotation better. You aren't adding him in a rebuilding effort. If they made a deal like this, that would mean they are running it back trying to win in 2024.

This is all meant to be fun because the White Sox would never do something like this. We won't know for a while if it were a smart idea but it is fun to think about a winning White Sox culture. Right now, it is the exact opposite.

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