White Sox: Elvis Andrus's spring training is including a position switch

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago White Sox got themselves in a little bit of a bind heading into spring training. They didn’t have a true starting second baseman and there weren’t that many out there on the open market to get.

A trade might have made sense but not a lot of things made sense this offseason for the White Sox. Well, that was until they re-signed last year’s Tim Anderson injury replacement at shortstop, Elvis Andrus.

The choice of signing Andrus was a good one for the Sox. Not only did they get a player to fill the void at second base but they also got someone that is a veteran presence in the dugout.

Sure, Andrus would have to get used to playing second base but the team figured that he would be able to adapt and play well with a full spring training at his new position.

The Chicago White Sox need Elvis Andrus to be good for them in 2023.

As far as adapting to second base, Andrus has done well at learning it. He has made a handful of mistakes but overall, he’s been performing well at second base.

His ability to adapt to the position change is a testament to his ability, mental makeup, and athleticism. Andrus’ time in the league has also been an important part of his ability to adapt to his new position and play well.

Of course, not only is his defensive prowess and his ability to adapt to his new position important but his time at the plate during spring training is equally or perhaps more important.

Through their spring training game against the Cincinnati Reds on Saturday, Andrus has had 41 at-bats, has five runs to go along with nine hits, one home run, and three runs batted in. He has stolen a base as well. Andrus is hitting .220 this spring.

It hasn't been a huge month in terms of batting for Andrus but it’s spring training. We shouldn’t worry about what’s happening in spring. Wait until the real bullets start flying in the regular season before judging how someone does at the plate.

If you look at last season's batting stats for Andrus, you will be a little more rest assured that he’s going to do well at the plate in 2023. He made a total of 181 plate appearances for the White Sox last season, hitting the ball 49 times with 25 runs and 28 runs batted in.

Andrus blasted nine home runs and stole 11 total bases. His slash line with the White Sox in 2022 was .271/.309/.464. That’s not bad for the short stint that he had with Chicago.

Andrus’ offseason was one of uncertainty. The White Sox didn’t retain him after the end of the 2022 season and he became a free agent.

No one signed him and it appeared as if Andrus might end up sitting out the year or at least part of it. But the White Sox came calling and gave Andrus another season in the Majors.

Let’s hope that he can make the most of it.

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