White Sox: If Chicago becomes sellers, these 5 players could be on the trade block

Chicago White Sox v Tampa Bay Rays
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5. Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is actually someone that teams might actually go for.

Joe Kelly wasn't all that impressive with the White Sox in 2022 which was his first year with the team. He was either hurt or inconsistent all year long.

Now, here in 2023, he has looked a little bit more like himself. He is a guy that has won a World Series in both the American League and National League so the right pedigree is clearly there.

The White Sox spend a lot of money on their bullpen so moving him out might be a good idea if they are sellers. They can use that money to instead fix some of the issues that are going on with the rest of the roster.

As they retool this thing again, we can only hope that they are smart about where they spend the little money that they do have. Moving some of these guys might help them regrow their farm system in addition to freeing up some of that cash.

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