White Sox: Jesse Scholtens has been good in his role this year

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a professional sports team in a state of considerable disarray. They have sold off parts of the team in exchange for players they hope will do well in the future.

Their front office has turned a blind eye to many of the issues that they have and they just can’t seem to win.

It’s not the kind of season that anyone wanted to see the White Sox have, that’s for sure.

There is usually always a silver lining to a dark cloud and the White Sox have a few silver linings, among many dark clouds, that will help get them in a better position for next season.

One of those silver linings has been the play of now-starting pitcher Jesse Scholtens.

Jesse Scholtens has been a good player for the Chicago White Sox.

After being forced to take over as one of the starting pitchers in the rotation thanks to the “pitcher purge” the White Sox underwent at the trade deadline, Scholtens has been a nice asset to the team and has shown that he can play in the big leagues.

Scholtens has put up some decent numbers. He is 1-5 but he has an ERA of 3.20. The team being horrible around him is why his record is what it is. He gives them a chance.

He has played in 19 games with five starts and has one save. His strikeout total is 40 and he has pitched 56.1 innings with a WHIP of 1.24.

Not bad numbers by any means.

Scholtens has shown up well in gameplay and looks to be headed toward having a bright future with the White Sox.

It’s tough to tell what the White Sox will do with him in the long run, especially with the way that this team is structuring itself, but it’s possible that he could end up being in the starting rotation when next year rolls around. He’s already starting this year and doing a good job of it.

The White Sox will want to continue to see what they have in Scholtens as the season goes on and I am sure that they will give him as many starts as they possibly can to evaluate him.

Not only will they use those starts to evaluate him but giving him those starts will help him grow and develop.

The Chicago White Sox needs all the quality help they can get. They have clearly gone back into rebuilding mode with what we have seen at the trade deadline and can use the pieces that they are developing to step up.

Scholtens is an important part of this rebuild as he aims to be one of the starting pitchers for the White Sox next year.

Yes, it has been a disappointing year White Sox fans but we can only hope that guys like Scholtens can step in and help bring stability and consistency to the team.

We will hope that he will be as solid and productive as some of the other pitchers that they have had on staff recently.

We know how consistent Dylan Cease has been and how well Michael Kopech has played, at times.

Even Mike Clevinger has been decent. If Scholtens can play like these guys or better, the sky is the limit for the pitching staff but they need to be consistent.

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