White Sox: Juan Soto would certainly make Chris Getz look good

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Warning, the idea of the Chicago White Sox doing something logical is not actually realistic. However, seeing them make a bold move this off-season would be amazing to see. In Chris Getz's first off-season as the man in charge, he can get off to a good start with certain moves.

Imagine if he made a bold move to trade for a guy like Juan Soto. The White Sox don't have this amazing farm system but they might have a few players that the San Diego Padres want in a trade for their best player who we assume is on the block this off-season.

Chris Getz would certainly become a fan favorite (at least to start) if he were able to pull off a trade like that. The White Sox have needed a right fielder for a long time but adding one like Soto would be an even better fix than people wanted.

What is it that makes Soto so special? For one, he is only 24 years old and will turn 25 next week. He has already accomplished so much at such a young age which is something that could really help any team. All of that experience would go a long way.

Juan Soto would be great for the Chicago White Sox during the 2024 season.

In addition to being an elite hitter and defensive outfielder, Soto is already a World Series champion. He knows what it takes to be a top player on a winning team. He also is already a Home Run Derby champion so he knows how to use his skills to put on a show. He is the definition of box office.

In 2023, Soto had a WAR of 5.6. He slashed .275/.410/.519 with an OPS of .930. He hit 35 home runs, had 109 RBIs, and had 97 runs scored. He had an OPS+ of 158. These are truly elite numbers and amongst the best in the league. He is a top-five player right now and he can be the best in any given year.

The White Sox, as mentioned before, would never make a move like this but they should. Adding a player like Soto would lead to more wins and more people would show up to the game as a result. Chris Getz could be bold this off-season but don't expect much.

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