White Sox move Lance Lynn to Dodgers in one of these 3 wild trade packages

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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Trade Two

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The Chicago White Sox could get some good players for Lance Lynn.

The Chicago White Sox could get two prospects for Lance Lynn but they are going to be lower level prospects. That is probably a more realistic return for Lynn anyway at this point.

Yes, there are multiple teams after Lance Lynn but he still is an older pitcher that hasn’t had that good of a year at all. Whoever gets him is hoping that he is able to bounce back with a change of scenery. There is a good chance, depending on that team, that does happen. 

River Ryan is a right-handed pitcher and he is the number 11 ranked player in the system of the Dodgers. Jose Ramos is the number 19 guy and he is an outfielder. This is a solid return for a guy like Lynn. 

The White Sox may not get a top-flight prospect for Lynn but they could get someone that can be developed into a good MLB player. 

If you add enough prospects like Ryan and Ramos, you’ll eventually hit on at least a couple of them which is how good teams can be built. The White Sox need to be better at developing for that to happen but you have to start somewhere.