White Sox move Lance Lynn to Dodgers in one of these 3 wild trade packages

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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Trade Three


The Chicago White Sox could turn this into an even bigger trade.

The Chicago White Sox don’t have to trade Lance Lynn alone. They can include other pieces in the deal with him if they want to better the return a little bit. 

Reynaldo Lopez, a reliever, was included in the package for Lucas Giolito and that helped them get the number two and number three prospect from the Angels. 

Now, Lynn isn’t as good as Giolito and the Dodgers farm system is much better than the Angels so things are different here but that trade can be used as a base. The White Sox can include someone like Kendall Graveman in the deal. 

Graveman is a solid reliever that would thrive on a team that uses him the right way. He isn’t a closer but he is someone that can give you good innings in any other situation. A contender would love to have him. 

Andy Pages is the number 5 prospect in the system for LA and he plays outfield. Nick Frasso, a right handed pitcher, is the number 8 guy. Both of them are hoping to be Major League Baseball players one day. 

The White Sox are firmly sellers so don’t be surprised at anything they decide to do. At the very least, these next few days are going to be interesting. 

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