White Sox News: Baseball Prospectus doesn't think Chicago is good

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Leon Halip/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox were incredibly average in 2022. In fact, they went 81-81 which is as average as you can be in this league. To be honest, it felt like they were even worse than that but their record is what their record was. 

They were big-time underachievers with this record and now people don’t know what to make of them. They weren’t as impactful as they needed to be during the off-season and now nobody knows what to make of them. 

It is still an organization loaded with talent that just needs to be much healthier to have a bounce-back year. Whether or not they can do that remains to be seen. The future beyond this year will be heavily influenced by what happens in 2023. 

As a result of these facts, it is incredibly hard to predict how good, mediocre or bad they are going to be. With a new manager in place, it will be interesting to see how the team responds. There are a lot of people who can have a positive impact on this. 

The Chicago White Sox are not projected to be a very good team in 2023.

Baseball Prospectus has its projections for the  2023 season out. There is clearly not a lot of love for the White Sox right now from them as they only have them going 79-83. We can only hope that they do better than that. 

That is good enough for third place in the AL Central. They have the Detroit Tigers at 65-97 in fourth place and the Kansas City Royals in last place at 65-100. Those records would have them amongst the worst in the league. 

The interesting thing is that they have the Minnesota Twins and Cleveland Guardians tied atop the American League Central Division with a record of 88-74. As expected, they have the AL Central as the weakest division in all of baseball. 

The White Sox need to have a much better record than this otherwise people are going to be very upset. There will be people who lose their jobs if they fall that short of the playoffs once again. That can’t be acceptable. Hopefully, they are wrong.

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