White Sox News: Benintendi's new number, excitement for the team, and more

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The Chicago White Sox made a big signing this off-season. They gave Andrew Benintendi the biggest contract in the history of the franchise. He is getting 75 million over five years which isn't a bad deal for a player like him at all. Both sides should be very happy with it.

This was announced in the middle of December but the holidays put aside his physical and the team making it official. It was a little strange to see it go as long as it did without getting confirmed but it all makes sense when you think about it.

When everyone returned to reality on Tuesday, the White Sox made it officially official. He passed his physical with no issues and he is now the White Sox left fielder moving forward.

He was introduced on Wednesday where he spoke along with Pedro Grifol about how this happened, how this is going to impact the team, and more. It was really cool to hear from him as he is clearly excited to be playing for a team that has wanted him for a long time.

Andrew Benintendi is officially a member of the Chicago White Sox.

The offense was a big problem for the White Sox in 2023. They couldn't hit for power at all. Benintendi isn't much of a power hitter but it is good to know that he feels much better about calling Guaranteed Rate Field his home field as opposed to some others.

Pedro Grifol spoke about him being the left fielder and what that meant for a lot of other people in the White Sox clubhouse. Hopefully, this starts to get everyone shifted into positions that they should be playing. If that is the case, the team will certainly start playing better.

Benintendi's new number:

Andrew Benintendi is going to be wearing number 23. Obviously, 23 is huge in Chicago as some legends have worn it including the greatest of all time, Michael Jordan. Benintendi seems to know the significance of his number in this city.

Jordan is the one everyone worldwide thinks of with this number but there is also some significance to it within the White Sox organization as well.

2005 World Series MVP Jermaine Dye wore it which is the most memorable. He was everything that the team needed to be and more. Former White Sox start (and manager) Robin Ventura had the number for a while as well.

It has its significance and now it is on Benintendi to wear it well. He certainly has the makeup of a player that will.

Overall outlook:

Adding Andrew Benintendi is a great move for the Chicago White Sox. They need players playing in their natural positions in order to be a better baseball team. It should be a lot of fun to see how he makes them better in 2023.

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