White Sox News: Chris Getz makes smart comments at GM meetings

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It has been a long time since Chicago White Sox fans have been happy for longer than a handful of years in a row. They thought they were getting that with this most recent rebuild but it all went away quickly as the team started to underperform. 

Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams took the heat for that in almost every way. It was well deserved as neither of them really did a good job of putting together the team. It had a lot of flaws from the very beginning. 

When things got really bad in 2023, they were both fired. Not long after, they were replaced by Chris Getz. That move didn’t get much love from fans either because it felt like there would be more of the same from him. 

A few of his moves so far have been questionable but he deserves his chance now that he has been hired. Not loving the hire doesn’t mean you have to root for the man to fail.

Chicago White Sox GM Chris Getz spoke out about his team on Tuesday.

In fact, fans might love everything he said to the media on Tuesday at the Winter Meetings. He was very honest and accurate with his opinions on the state of the current team. He thinks there are a lot of areas in which they must improve. 

Sure, his assessment of Yoan Moncada playing every position is a little strange but we know the plan is for him to be the third baseman. He isn't leaving the team so they might as well use him where he is best. However, being open to change is a good thing for the GM of a sports franchise.

You have to love that he is recognizing that he doesn't like the team. He mentioned all of the flaws that they have and talked about playing better defense. That has been a huge issue for the White Sox for a long time. It is about time they think about addressing it.

It was even nice to hear him talk nicely about Tim Anderson. This guy was the face of the franchise for a long time and he deserves some recognition. It didn't work out in the end but there were some good times.

Now, the only worry is him living up to his words. Pedro Grifol sounded great to the media last off-season too. It all turned out to be false.

At this point, nobody will believe it until the season starts and they see results but at least it sounds like Getz understands the problems at this moment in time. It is better than saying all the wrong things right now.

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