White Sox News: Dylan Cease is on the mound on Friday

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres / Denis Poroy/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are getting ready to play their seventh spring game of the season. Records don't matter but nobody will be surprised that they are 3-3 after six games. It is just poetry, even if it is irrelevant.

Well, this seventh game is coming against the Cincinnati Reds at Camelback Ranch in Glendale Arizona. For the first time this season, Dylan Cease is going to be on the mound for the White Sox.

He was absolutely incredible the last time he pitched Major League games that counted. He came in second place for the American League Cy Young Award and was simply one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball.

These games, unlike those that Cease dominated, don't count. However, seeing him get off to a good start here would be amazing.

Dylan Cease is going to be on the mound for the Chicago White Sox.

He is going to face off against Luke Weaver of the Reds. It is unclear how long either of them is going to go but we will see.

As for the White Sox starting lineup, the top half of it is looking similar to a regular season lineup. Tim Anderson is leading off, Andrew Vaughn is second, Andrew Benintendi is third, and Eloy Jimenez is fourth.

Yasmani Grandal and Gavin Sheets are also in the lineup so we'll see how they are able to play in this one. It is also fun to see how some of the lesser-known players perform in addition to some of the substitutions that will come up throughout the game.

The World Baseball Classic is just a few days away so we are going to see the White Sox without some of them for a while. That could be why we've seen so many stars playing from the beginning of the spring but it has been nice.

No matter the reason, it is good to see this team playing everyone early in the spring as much as they have. It can really help them be ready for a very important season ahead. This team clearly wants to bounce back.

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