White Sox News: First off-day since games starter, Moustakas signed, and more

Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks
Chicago White Sox v Arizona Diamondbacks / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have played nine straight games since the exhibition season started back on February 25th. Wins and losses don’t matter but they are now 5-4 entering their first day without a game since it started.

What does matter is how people play during these games. It isn’t always easy at first, especially for pitchers, but this is the time of year to get all of the bad habits out of the way. We have seen that a little bit with the White Sox up to this point.

We have really started to see most of the roster play when it comes to position players. There are still a few more pitchers that they’re waiting on but it will all come in due time. As spring continues, it is important that we see everyone playing better and better. 

Since Pedro Grifol has taken over, there seems to be a better attitude surrounding the team. That is how it should be considering all of the talents that are on that roster. With that in mind, playing well this spring won’t prove the doubters wrong because of how bad last year was. 

The Chicago White Sox are having a decent spring so far this year.

Mike Clevinger update

On Sunday, we learned that there is going to be no discipline given to Mike Clevinger following an investigation into him for domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. The Chicago White Sox are not going to comment any further on the matter.

Other MLB News: 

On Sunday, former White Sox pitcher Carlos Rodon made his New York Yankees spring training debut. It was not a good one for him as he was only able to record six outs while giving up five runs.

Obviously, he is just getting started but it won't take long for Yankees fans to turn on you as a player. Hopefully, he figures it out and has an outstanding season.

We also learned that Mike Moustakas signed with the Colorado Rockies so that they have an extra option for third base. It is certainly an interesting signing for them as they are expected to be amongst the worst teams in the league. The White Sox will see them this year.

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