White Sox News: Gavin Sheets would be perfect for the Philadelphia Phillies

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

The Philadelphia Phillies had a very nice showing at the World Baseball Classic. A few of their players went over there and dominated. Now, they are all back and ready to try and defend their National League crown while actually winning the World Series.

Their great roster took a huge hit on Thursday though as we found out that Rhys Hoskins has a torn ACL and is going to miss significant time. He hurt his knee on a non-contact play where he was fielding a ground ball. It is a very unfortunate freak accident.

Hoskins is a great player that is very hard to replace. In 2022, he was instrumental in their effort to revive their season and go on a run. However, they are going to do what they can to make sure that the show goes on this season.

The Chicago White Sox might be able to help them. We have heard so much about the first base problem that the White Sox have. It isn't that they don't have a first baseman. It is that they have too many "1B/DH" types. Now, they can use that as a weapon.

Gavin Sheets would be perfect for the Philadelphia Phillies right now.

Gavin Sheets, who also could play right field in addition to first base, is looking less and less like a White Sox roster player for a few reasons.

For one, first base isn't open because of Andrew Vaughn. The addition of Andrew Benintendi and the departure of Jose Abreu will allow Vaughn to play his natural position of first base.

Oscar Colas is also going to likely be the right fielder in the long term so Gavin Sheets is likely out on his natural position (1B) and his secondary position (RF). As a result, he might not be someone that sticks with this organization forever.

If the Phillies wanted to look for some potentially short-term help at first from outside the organization, the White Sox can help them get this done. He is a strong power bat from the left side that has proven that he can hit well in the Major Leagues.

It is unclear what the White Sox might get in return for someone like Sheets but you'd have to imagine that they could add something they need. This is something that could very well work out for both sides.

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