White Sox News: Jake Burger's recent comments are very sad

Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins
Philadelphia Phillies v Miami Marlins / Sam Navarro/GettyImages

For the entire duration of Jake Burger's Chicago White Sox tenure, it was obvious that he absolutely loved playing for that team.

He even made it out to be that way when he was traded. This dude loved representing the south side of Chicago. It was so obvious that he didn't want to be traded and this was going to be hard.

Then, he got to the Miami Marlins. It seems like he may have realized that the grass is absolutely sometimes greener on the other side.

For one, it took the Miami Marlins five minutes to be better at marketing Jake Burger than the White Sox were. They had a 5$ burger night for burgers that normally cost 13! The White Sox got rid of dollar hot dog night after the 2019 season and things have been downhill since.

The Chicago White Sox look horrible after Jake Burger's debut in Miami.

The Marlins ended up beating the Philadelphia Phillies in Burger's Marlins debut by a final score of 9-8. It was a walk-off victory.

Burger had two hits in his Marlins debut! It was a great game for him as he also had a run scored and a walk. Without hitting a home run, he made an impact, something White Sox fans oddly thought couldn't happen.

After the game is where he really made some comments that should infuriate White Sox fans. They shouldn't be mad at Jake. They should be mad at how correct he is.

First, we had to be reminded of the series when the Marlins came back and beat the White Sox earlier in the year. Jake compared this walk-off win to that series because he learned then that this Marlins team is never out of a game. Of course, the White Sox are always out of games.

He also said it was the most fun he's had playing baseball in a long time. As you can imagine, it probably isn't much fun playing baseball if you are on the White Sox.

These comments reflect how broken things are in Chicago with the White Sox. They aren't much fun and the team is really bad. Now, Burger is in a playoff race with the Marlins and he deserves every second of it.

Maybe one day, the White Sox won't be that team that isn't fun to play for.

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