White Sox News: Leury Garcia will not make the Opening Day roster

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As many expected based on spring training play from each individual from the White Sox, Leury Garcia is the odd man out.

Earlier today, reports made it official that Leury Garcia will not break camp with the Chicago White Sox in 2023. He will not be on the Opening Day roster and Oscar Colas is expected to be his replacement.

The longest-tendered controlled player on the roster has officially departed from the south side and for the White Sox, it was the right move to make.

Due to his significantly large contract, the White Sox kept him on the team throughout the 2022 season which hurt the club detrimentally. The White Sox proved today that they want to win in 2023 and if eating money leads to victory, they will do so.

Leury Garcia will not be on the 2023 Chicago White Sox roster to start.

As Leury Garcia leaves, the White Sox will select rookie sensation Oscar Colas' contract to replace him. The Chicago White Sox has high praise for the young talent and he is expected to impress many during the 2023 major league season.

This is a step in the right direction for the White Sox. Hopefully, it pans out in the long run. The White Sox have an abundance of better options/talent than Garcia and it will show on the diamond in 2023. There is a utility role to fill this season, and it will be interesting to see who wins the job.

Leury Garcia has been a member of the Chicago White Sox for a little over a decade now and whether you supported him or not, it's always sad to see someone that has played on your favorite baseball team depart. After all, he does have one of the greatest Chicago White Sox moments of all time.

Leury Garcia was a huge part of the lone ALDS win against the Houston Astros in 2021 and his moment will forever be cherished in the south side of Chicago.

Leury Garcia will most likely be joining a new ball club and the organization will wish nothing but the best for the utility man.

The Chicago White Sox start their season this Thursday and the entire Opening Day roster should be coming out to the public soon.

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