White Sox News: Lucas Giolito has a new contract for 2023

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Chase Agnello-Dean/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had a tough year in 2022 and Lucas Giolito's tough pitching was a big reason for it. He wasn't the Cy Young contending pitcher that we came to know from 2019-2021. He was, based on his standards, terrible.

There are players in the league that had much worse seasons but Giolito expects a lot more out of himself than an ERA over four. He has shown the ability to be one of the best pitchers in the league so anything less than that is disappointing.

Giolito came into the year much more muscular than he had been in the past. That proved to be a problem for him as his mechanics were forced to change because of the change. As the season went along, he had to adjust on the fly to try and get better as he went.

It did work a little bit as he showed improvements as the season went along. That is enough of a reason to believe that he can come into 2023 looking to bounce back. He has the ability to make adjustments as shown in the past.

The Chicago White Sox need Lucas Giolito to live up to his new contract.

With Ethan Katz there, with who he has had a working and personal relationship for a long time, he should be able to find what he needs in order to get back to the pitcher that we know he can be in 2023 and beyond. The arm talent is there.

Well, in order to avoid arbitration, Lucas Giolito agreed to a contract worth 10.4 million dollars. This is a lot based on how he pitched in 2022 but we know what he did prior to that (three straight appearances on the Cy Young ballot).

Now is his chance to prove that he is worth that and even more. He has to pitch well in 2023 in order to somewhat save his career in Chicago. If he proves that last year was just a fluke then he will get a really nice deal after the season is over.

Giolito is a really good person away from the field so it is easy to root for him. Hopefully, getting this deal done helps him focus on pitching for the rest of the year and he thrives.

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