White Sox News: Michael Kopech had a tremendous bounce-back performance

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox dropped to 4-6 Sunday afternoon after losing the rubber match with the Pittsburgh Pirates by a score of 1-0. Although the White Sox's offense has been keeping them in games for the majority of the year, today was the exact opposite.

They had six scattered hits and nothing to show for it, giving Michael Kopech his second-season loss.

Kopech did what the White Sox organization expects him to do throughout all of 2023 which is dominate as a starting pitcher. His first start of the season was horrid and it's encouraging to see how well he bounced back from it.

The Pirates have been red-hot as an offensive unit and Kopech shut them down while consistently throwing his fastball at a high velocity. He also showed excellent command of his off-speed pitches which made him more of a complete pitcher on the mound at PNC Park.

The Chicago White Sox are in need of a good Michael Kopech season.

Kopech has it in him to be a complete pitcher at a consistent rate and it was evidently shown Sunday. He has the arm to be a high-level guy in any MLB starting rotation. The problem is will he provide those high-level numbers every five days?

The White Sox have gotten tremendous performances from him while also receiving some stinkers. Michael Kopech's journey/career is in his own hands and it will be all on him to show the world what his highest potential is. Many think he hasn't reached it quite yet.

White Sox fans can all agree that Michael Kopech is a team player and he's not afraid to stand up for his guys. Sunday's game was interrupted by a collision at home plate along with some words blurted out between the two clubs.

Back-up catcher Seby Zavala and the Pittsburgh Pirates exchanged words to the point that it led to the benches clearing. Who was right in the mix backing up Zavala? Michael Kopech.

Kopech stood up for his catcher and then proceeded to strike out his last batter faced before exiting the ballgame.

Michael Kopech's next start will most likely be back at Guaranteed Rate Field when the Baltimore Orioles come into town and it will be interesting to see what version of Kopech comes out to pitch for them that day.

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