White Sox News: Michael Wacha is off the table for good

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Baltimore Orioles v Boston Red Sox / Omar Rawlings/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox could use some more starting pitching and they could use it badly. We know that Lucas Giolito, Lance Lynn, Dylan Cease, and Michael Kopech are locks unless there is an injury. Unfortunately, the only one of that group with typically great health is Cease.

In addition to possibly needing depth because of injury, the Sox don't know the status of Mike Clevinger who is under investigation for multiple off-the-field issues. The outcome of that is very interesting and will determine a lot about this rotation.

When this news about Clevinger came out, we started to wonder who might be the person that can replace him if need be. There are a couple of internal options like Reynaldo Lopez and Davis Martin but the ideal idea is bringing in another free agent with a proven track record.

Someone to consider was Michael Wacha who spent the first seven years of his career with the St. Louis Cardinals before a few one years stops with the New York Mets, Tampa Bay Rays, and Boston Red Sox. After a very good 2022 season, lots of people want him.

The Chicago White Sox are not going to be landing Michael Wacha.

He had a 3.3 WAR because of the outstanding work that he did. He had an ERA of 3.32 with 104 strikeouts in 127.1 innings pitched. He had an incredible record of 11-2 which helped keep the Red Sox in the race for most of the year before they ultimately missed.

Now, we know that the White Sox are off the table for Wacha as he has his new baseball home in place. He is signing with the San Diego Padres to join a very good rotation there on a legit contender.

The Padres get everyone they want which is hard to watch if you aren't a Padres fan but it is nice to see an owner/front office care. The White Sox certainly don't have that. If they did, the mess with Clevinger would have been cleaned up by now, including maybe signing Wacha.

Now, we wait and see how this whole thing works itself out. When healthy, the White Sox should still have a solid rotation but there are certainly some question marks.

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