White Sox News: Rick Hahn provides a Liam Hendriks update

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Late in the off-season, we learned that Chicago White Sox closer Liam Hendriks was undergoing treatment for cancer. Obviously, this is something that shook the baseball world as everyone came together to wish this all-star well.

It is never easy to deal with these things. All of a sudden, the year that was supposed to be a bounce-back effort after a bad 2022 became the year that we all just want our guy to return to health. The baseball will still go on but it won't be the same until the closer returns to the mound.

On Wednesday, pitchers and catchers made thier official report to spring training. In doing so, general manager Rick Hahn spoke to the media for the first time during the spring season. He gave a much-needed update on Liam as he we haven't been given anything since it was first announced.

Hahn confirmed that Hendriks has been around the team. That is some of the best news we can hear. No matter what, the positive vibes that he brings would help any team. Even if he is not active at the moment, he helps the team in the clubhouse as much as anyone.

White Sox general manager Rick Hahn gave an update on Liam Hendriks.

He also made sure to say that they won't have an update on his potential return to baseball until at least Opening Day. That isn't the best news but again, baseball isn't the most important thing right now. He needs to focus on getting better first and foremost.

Now, the White Sox are going to have to work on a plan for the closer role until Liam comes back. There are some decent options but nobody is Liam Hendriks. He is one of the best closers in the game and should be celebrated as such. Getting him back would be a huge boost.

As mentioned before, he brings more than just baseball greatness as well. Until he is back, his obsession with legos, going crazy on the mound, his charitable acts, and everything else that makes him a great person will be truly missed. Everyone is wishing for the best for him.

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