White Sox: Oscar Colas's spring suggests his MLB debut is coming soon

Chicago White Sox v San Diego Padres
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Spring training is slowly starting to come to an end and the beginning of the regular season is upon us. It will feel great to have real baseball back again.

For the players, it will also be great to have real baseball back and be playing meaningful games. However, some players aren’t going to be able to crack the lineups like some of their fellow teammates will and they will be relegated to the minors or to other teams.

There is one player on the Chicago White Sox that many fans are actively interested in. Outfielder Oscar Colas is someone that people are waiting to see what might happen to him when camp breaks and players head to the majors or minors. Where will Colas end up and when might he make his Major League debut?

The White Sox are fairly stacked in the outfield as it stands right now. They currently have Luis Robert, Jr. and Andrew Benintendi to go along with Gavin Sheets as the starters. Then there is Eloy Jimenez who should be the designated hitter as well as someone that plays in the outfield.

The White Sox are well set with their starting outfield coming into 2023.

 Then there are the backups. This is where Colas could see his opportunity. The White Sox will carry into the regular season a handful of backups at the position.

With the way things have been going for Colas in spring training, it’s possible he could be one of those backups that are brought in to play occasionally, during the regular season.

Colas has had a good spring. So far this spring training, he has been at bat 50 times, has had 13 hits, three home runs, and four runs batted in to go along with six runs and a stolen base. His slash line is .260/.275/.735.

If the White Sox want more pop in their lineup and have someone that can step in a play for a while due to injury, Colas is their guy.

But do they bring him with them when they start the regular season? Odds are pretty good that Colas does not make the final roster and heads down to the minors. But it’s a safe bet that when someone in the outfield gets injured, Colas will be brought up to the Majors to take their place.

It’s hard to predict who might get hurt in the outfield, well maybe it’s not that difficult. Jimenez and Robert, Jr., are good bets to miss some time due to injury.

So that might be Colas’ chance to step into the lineup and do some good while someone is out. When will we see Oscar Colas?

I predict, after a short stint in the minors, we will see him playing in the outfield in the first month of the regular season. I predict that he will make a few trips up and down from the minors to the majors before finally settling in and sticking with the team for the remainder of the season. 

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