White Sox Prospects: Who will be the catcher of the future?

After the trade deadline, the White Sox have set themselves up to have at least two potential All-Star catchers for the future. The catcher competition that will unfold in the next two to three years will be exciting
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Edgar Quero

The Chicago White Sox have high hopes for Edgar Quero going forward.

Signed out of Cuba, the Angels looked at Edgar Quero as a potential catcher for their future. After his MVP in High-A last year, just as a 20-year-old, Quero solidified his name as a top prospect.

The best aspect of his defensive game is his above-average arm. His receiving and game-calling need work but he is not far behind.

His athleticism gives him above-average mobility behind the plate and above-average speed on the basepaths out of the catcher position, a nice change in pace after three years of Yasmani Grandal.

Speaking of Grandal, Quero is a switch-hitter with more power from the left side. From both sides, however, he can barrel up balls consistently.

Another plus about Quero's offense is his plate discipline and ability to draw walks. In 70 games last year, he recorded a 17.1% walk rate and a 16.5% strikeout rate with a .294 batting average on balls in play.

Quero hasn't taken off drastically in four games in the White Sox organization. In 15 at-bats, he's smacked just three hits. He drove in a couple of runs but struck out twice compared to his one base on balls.

Not much concern there. The hitting will return. Quero is on a three-game hitting streak. Defensively, he's already made a few highlights throwing out two Trash Pandas Tuesday.

With a ceiling of 2021 Yasmani Grandal, Quero will have a lot of eyes on him to be the catcher of the future. Propped up with that title in the Angels organization, he was still battling Logan O'Hoppe for that job as Quero is ranked lower on the MLB Pipeline Top 100.

In the White Sox organization, Quero can take a slower pace and work on his game rather than compete for the starting catcher job in a year or two. With Korey Lee in Triple-A Charlotte, Quero's development does not need to be rushed.