White Sox Prospects: Who will be the catcher of the future?

After the trade deadline, the White Sox have set themselves up to have at least two potential All-Star catchers for the future. The catcher competition that will unfold in the next two to three years will be exciting
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Who to pick?

The White Sox now have two quality catching prospects in the system.

At this point, it is hard to say who the White Sox imagine their catcher of the future to be. Lee will arrive on the Southside first, but only because he's 25 and has seen MLB pitchers already.

While there is no need to rush Quero, he is developing quickly and will make a competition out of the catching position soon enough.

Both Lee and Quero have been described as future All-Stars by multiple scouts. Both have advantages as well as parts of their game they need to clean up before competing for the starting job. Their competition will be exciting but won't play out for another two to three years.

The two expected players competing for the catching job are Lee and Quero. However, the Sox drafted Calvin Harris from Ole' Miss, and 30th-ranked prospect Adam Hackenberg is quietly holding a .773 OPS this year between Birmingham and Charlotte.

Lee will have about a year or two of service time to make a name for himself before Quero is ready for the big leagues.

In the meantime, Harris, Hackenberg, or another catcher could come along and crush before Quero is called up. For the first time in a long time, the White Sox have a legitimate competition for catcher of the future.

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