White Sox: 3 bold predictions for the MLB trade deadline

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team. They are not going to the playoffs for the second year in a row which is incredibly disappointing.

As a result of that being so apparent in July, they are likely going to be sellers at the trade deadline. It is unfortunate that this is the case for this team following what was a very promising rebuild.

There are plenty of rumors that are surrounding every team in the league right now as they prepare for the August 1st deadline.

These are three bold predictions about what the White Sox are going to do at the deadline:

1. Lucas Giolito stays put

It might be smarter for the Chicago White Sox to keep Lucas Giolito.

The Chicago White Sox would be smarter to keep Lucas Giolito. He is an excellent starter that they can have pitching for them for a long time if they find a way to get him extended.

Giolito came into this season as a big question mark. He was a great pitcher in 2019, 2020, and 2021 but was awful in 2022.

Now, after watching him pitch well here in 2023, it is clear that the bad year in 2022 was an outlier. Trading him right now might be a mistake for the White Sox.

Would they actually get the proper value for him? The answer is probably not which is why they may just keep him.

Don't even be slightly surprised if he is still with the Chicago White Sox by the time the trade deadline comes and goes. Having him with the team is better than not having him.

They also just need people to make starts too. Hopefully, whatever they actually decide helps the team.