White Sox Rumors: 3 insane Liam Hendriks trade packages with Mets

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox
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To White Sox: Kevin Parada, Alex Ramirez - To Mets: Liam Hendriks

Maybe the White Sox will go for prospects in a Liam Hendriks trade.

The Chicago White Sox have a depleted farm system. A lot of it is because of the fact that a lot of thier top prospects have moved up to MLB. Now, they have to replenish the minor league system through the years to get back to what it once was.

Nobody expects the White Sox to trade Liam Hendriks away for prospects but it would be a good step toward getting the farm where it needs to be. The White Sox aren't rebuilding but adding some good young players to the prospect pool is never a bad idea either.

If the Mets are willing to part with some of their top guys, the White Sox should consider it. Kevin Parada is a catching prospect that ranks number three overall in the Mets system. The problem for him is that their number one prospect is a catcher that is already signed.

So they have four catchers on the roster and one of them is a prospect ahead of him on the list. The White Sox can take full advantage of that.

Alex Ramirez is their number four prospect right now. He is an outfielder that might be able to be an impact Major League Baseball player one day.

The White Sox could use all three of these trades in different ways but it would be hard to let go of a closer like that in the middle of his prime. It will certainly be interesting to see how that whole thing plays out. For now, Hendriks needs to be focused on a 2023 season that sees his team bounce back.

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