White Sox Rumors: 3 players to remove from the trade block

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages
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2. Eloy Jimenez

The Chicago White Sox won't get what Eloy Jimenez is worth in a trade.

Eloy Jimenez has the ability to be a game-changing type of bat. We have seen it in every season he has been in the big leagues.

The issue is his health. He has had trouble staying on the field in pretty much every year of his career. He has been better this year but it is still hard to predict his future.

One thing you can rely on is that he is still young and has an impressive bat. Are the White Sox going to get a better hitter than him in return? No? Then he shouldn't be traded.

Jimenez brings a lot to the table for the Chicago White Sox in terms of offense. He might also have to bring some leadership now too with some of the folks being shipped out.

If Jimenez can be healthy for long stretches of time, the White Sox will be a better team with him in the lineup.