White Sox Rumors: 3 trade packages with the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Two

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A trade like this could really help out both Chicago baseball teams.

The Chicago White Sox and Chicago Cubs don't make trades all of the time. They do every now and again though and they always make headlines.

A deal like this would certainly make headlines. Sending Keynan Middleton to the Cubs would bolster up their bullpen. He is a player that has had a great year kind of surprisingly and that is going to help the White Sox get something for him.

Good relievers like Middleton do land a team's top-ten prospect every now and again. If you throw in Gavin Sheets with Middleton, you might really increase the value.

Sheets could be a big lefty power bat off the bench and he could either DH, play first base, or take some outfield innings if needed.

The aforementioned good prospect is Brennan Davis. Davis is now listed as their number seven prospect after years of being in the top two. He has fallen off just a tad and now a change of scenery could be good for him.