White Sox Rumors: 4 players they must DFA following the drama

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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2. Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jimenez is someone that the White Sox could move on from.

If Eloy Jimenez were to leave the White Sox any time soon, it would probably be a trade before a DFA but the recent reports aren’t pretty for him. 

Jesse Rodgers of ESPN went on the radio and was honest in his assessment of Eloy. He claimed that he is this happy-go-lucky guy but we all knew that. 

His personality is tremendous. But Rodgers claims that people have told him that he isn’t a hard worker. That is painful to hear. 

For the same reasons as Moncada, that is a reason to get him out. This team needs non-lazy people that are willing to put in the work to be successful. It doesn’t matter how talented you are if you do nothing with it. 

Jimenez could have been a White Sox legend. He came in a trade with the Chicago Cubs which made White Sox fans love how good he was even more. Instead, he decided to always be hurt and not work extra hard at getting better.