White Sox Rumors: 4 players they must DFA following the drama

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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3. Yasmani Grandal

The Chicago White Sox could really use a DFA of Yasmani Grandal.

Yasmani Grandal was, like Moncada and Jimenez, also named dropped by Jesse Rodgers on the radio. He claimed that he is no friend to the pitchers. 

Obviously, that is not good news. That means a catcher (who also happens to be the second highest-paid player in franchise history) doesn’t work well with pitchers which is one of his two primary jobs. The other job is to hit well which he hasn’t done in two years. 

There is also a report out there that Grandal has been involved in a physical altercation with a teammate in the locker room as he wanted to leave the team early a game before the All-Star break. 

That is not a good teammate at all. The White Sox should have DFA’d him right after the trade deadline for baseball-related reasons but now he really should be gone.