White Sox Rumors: 4 players they must DFA following the drama

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Guardians
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4. Tim Anderson

The Chicago White Sox could move on from Tim Anderson very soon.

Like Eloy, this would probably be more of a trade situation during the off-season than a DFA but things keep getting worse and worse. 

We all know about Tim Anderson’s off-the-field struggles this season and it has hurt his play. For the first time since breaking out in MLB, he has had a bad year offensively. 

Now, he is getting into big-time fights with division rivals and getting knocked out in the process. It has been a bad look for him and the team lately. 

He is also the teammate that got into it with Grandal in the clubhouse ahead of the All-Star break. That’s a long way away from actually being an All-Star as he was prior to this year. 

Anderson very well could (and should) get back to being a great player next year but it shouldn’t be with the White Sox. Both sides could use a change of scenery. If they have to DFA any of these guys to get rid of them, they should do it without looking back. 

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