White Sox Rumors: Dylan Cease goes to Astros in these 3 trade packages

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Three

The Chicago White Sox can make this a blockbuster deal with Houston.

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The Chicago White Sox could turn this thing into a blockbuster tyle of trade with the Houston Astros. That might be what is needed to move someone like Dylan Cease.

For one, they can include Lance Lynn. He is pitching much better lately which is why a contending team like Houston may want him. Adding both Cease and Lynn to the rotation in place of Cristian Javier would be something to consider for Houston.

In addition to Javier, Kyle Tucker is someone the White Sox should target as well. He is a power hitter that has developed the way that the White Sox wanted all their guys to develop. Getting Major League talent might be the play if they were to make a deal like this involving Cease.

Then, you throw in Drew Gilbert (OF) and Jacob Melton (OF) as the two prospects in the deal. As we talked about earlier, they are the top two prospects in the Houston system. Gilbert is their only top-100 guy (71).

A trade like this would send shockwaves around the league as you'd expect but it still might not be worth it for Cease who could be one of the best pitchers in the league during any given year. Hopefully, whatever happens, the White Sox are better for it.

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