White Sox Rumors: The 2022 Winter Meetings are not going well

Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox v Cleveland Indians / Ron Vesely/GettyImages

The 2022 Major League Baseball Winter Meetings are closer to being over than just started. There have been some really big moves made across the league which has made for a very exciting week for baseball fans. Unfortunately, the Chicago White Sox aren't doing anything.

This event has gone very poorly for White Sox fans so far. Since it began, we have only heard a few rumors but nothing worth getting excited about. It is the same old thing for another year after they said that money will be spent during the "competitive window".

Right after Thanksgiving, they signed Mike Clevinger which is a nice depth starting pitching signing but is nothing that is going to help the team grow in the long term. He may be great but they need much more.

We see the team on the other side of town making signings that the White Sox should be making even though they were a much worse team in 2022. It is truly a shame to see this team just waste everyone's time year in and year out.

The White Sox are definitely losing the Winter Meetings at this point.

Every year, we come into the Winter Meetings thinking that this could be the year that the White Sox actually do something smart but every year we receive the same type of disappointment.

If the Winter Meetings close with the White Sox doing nothing, that would be the least surprising thing of all time but it would also be incredibly disappointing. This team was .500 in 2022 but they were horrible at the same time. That should tell people that they can bounce back.

With that said, they aren't going to bounce back by doing absolutely nothing either which is the big problem right now. There are still some good names out there to consider bringing in.

They don't have to spend on Carlos Correa, Xander Bogaerts, or Dansby Swanson but they can make some adjustments that help them at second base and in the outfield.

These Winter Meetings haven't only been bad because of the fact that the White Sox have done nothing either. The Cleveland Guardians added a stud like Josh Bell to play first base and are clearly all in on bettering themselves.

Every team in the division is more active than the White Sox. Even the first-ever Draft Lottery made the White Sox feel so mediocre as they will make the 15th overall pick (dead center) in the 2023 MLB Draft. It doesn't have to continue this way though. The team can finally wake up.

With a couple of smart moves and a bit more health along with a better manager in 2023, they will be a better team by accident. Again, these Winter Meetings have been a disaster so far but they can get better.

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