White Sox Rumors: These 3 people must be fired ASAP

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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3. Pedro Grifol

The Chicago White Sox can't move forward with Pedro Grifol anymore.

It is not Pedro Grifol's fault that this organization is a dumpster fire. It is not his fault that more than half of the players turned out to be busts. It is not his fault that there were decades-old issues hindering this team before he even arrived.

He does have to take the fall for a few things though. For one, this toxic locker room that keeps getting talked about should fall at the feet of the manager. He clearly lost the room.

The baseball managing side of things also hasn't suggested that he has done a good job either. The team is terrible and he is the manager.

Again, it isn't all his fault but he hasn't done anything to make the situation better. Everything he promised when he was hired has become a lie.

Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams can't be fired and then Grifol kept. That would just make absolutely no sense in any way. He should be let go with them and it should be all started over.

He might have to take a bench coach job again right away but he could still become a good manager in Major League Baseball one day.

He is a young manager and has a lot to learn. On a human being level, he has handled this all well. This can't be an easy job right now.

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