White Sox Rumors: Tim Anderson becomes a 2nd baseman in one of these 3 trade packages

Chicago White Sox v New York Mets
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3. Trade Three

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The Chicago White Sox should consider a big move with this AL team.

The Chicago White Sox have no obligation to trade Tim Anderson. It isn't like he is leaving for nothing if they don't decide to move him.

Do you want Tim Anderson? Come get him. The Chicago White Sox should not settle for a bad trade. Moving him just to move him is a franchise altering mistake.

Asking for a team's top two prospects should not be out of the realm of possibilities. That is what Ricky Tiedemann and Brandon Barriera are to the Blue Jays.

They are also both left-handed pitchers which is always a position of value when stocking up a farm system. The White Sox would be thrilled to add guys like that.

Otto Lopez is a throw-in as their number 14 guy but again, trying to sneak in players like that is a good idea because you just never know.

Throwing in a starting pitcher like Lance Lynn, who the Blue Jays could absolutely use this season, might make the deal more enticing for them.

The White Sox need to be very smart to make a Tim Anderson trade worth it. If they do the deed, it should be for a very nice return.

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