White Sox Scapegoats: 1 pitcher to release, 1 to trade for pennies, 1 to keep around

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
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To Keep: Dylan Cease

The Chicago White Sox know what they have in Dylan Cease. At a minimum, he is the pitcher that he has been this year which is a solid starter on a bad team.

At his best, you have what he was in 2022 which is a Cy Young candidate for the entire season. He ended up being the American League runner-up for the award because of the fact that Justin Verlander had an all-world season in a comeback year.

Cease is not a Cy Young candidate right now but he absolutely has the stuff to be one again in the near future. He has the highest ceiling in the rotation of this team right now.

There has been slight talk about him getting traded but there has also been talk about him being an untouchable piece. He is probably closer to being the latter than the former.

The White Sox need to keep Dylan Cease right now. His value is not what it can be and the White Sox need to know that. This is an elite talent that they need to either keep for a very long time or wait on trading.

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