White Sox Scapegoats: 1 player to release, 1 to trade for pennies, 1 to keep around

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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Trade: Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is someone that might be worth trading at this point.

Tim Anderson is the face of the Chicago White Sox organization. At least, he was from 2019-2022. Here in 2023 though, things have gone south for him. 

After starting off the year so hot with both the White Sox and Team USA at the World Baseball Classic, he has slowed down tremendously. There was an injury there too that may have taken his game down a notch. 

It is unclear if Tim Anderson wants to stay with the team or not when it comes to the long term. If the White Sox can’t get an answer, they should trade him.

He isn’t going to fetch the value that he is worth at the top of his game but he is far from the top of his game. Maybe with someone else, he will rebound and become the Tim Anderson that was elite. 

He may have to switch to second base if he were traded but that remains to be seen. Although it would be for cheap, the White Sox should try to at least get something for him.