White Sox Scapegoats: 1 player to release, 1 to trade for pennies, 1 to keep around

Chicago White Sox v Atlanta Braves
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Keep Around: Andrew Vaughn

The Chicago White Sox probably shouldn't trade Andrew Vaughn yet.

The Chicago White Sox drafted Andrew Vaughn with the third overall pick in 2019. He was the best NCAA power bat in the nation at the time of his selection. It seemed like a great move.

With all of the injuries that the White Sox have sustained in addition to the effects on his development caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, things haven’t been easy for Vaughn. 

He had to have very little experience in minor-league action and then played out of position when he got to the show. That is not an ideal situation for anyone, let alone a kid with such little development. 

Here we are in 2023. Vaughn is far from a bad player. He has a ton of power and creates runs for his team. However, he leaves a lot to be desired when thinking about some of his peers. 

Although the interest in him may be high, the White Sox should keep him. He still has a lot of potential locked up in that hat that just needs to be unleashed. Having that happen with the White Sox is much better than another team. They should keep him and help him continue developing (the right way). 

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