White Sox Scapegoats: 1 to fire, 1 to put on the hot seat, and one to be patient with

Los Angeles Angels v Chicago White Sox
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3. Deserves patience: Ethan Katz

Ethan Katz doesn't deserve to be blamed for anything with this team.

When you think about all of the players that the White Sox might be able to trade because of their value, most of them are pitchers.

Ethan Katz, although some may disagree, has done a good job as the team's pitching coach since taking over for Don Cooper.

Katz was an assistant pitching coach with the San Francisco Giants before his job with the White Sox. He is famous for being the high school pitching coach for Lucas Giolito, Jack Flaherty, and Max Fried. His success doesn't end there either.

The White Sox have mostly had good pitching during his tenure. There have been a couple of pitchers that have fallen off like Aaron Bummer, Dallas Keuchel, and Jake Diekman but those guys would pretty much be bad pitching like this with any pitching coach.

This isn't to say that Katz deserves a lifetime contract or has even been a savior but it would be nice to see him as a pitching coach on a team with sustained success. People sure liked him in 2021 when everything was going right for the team as a whole.

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