The White Sox send Dylan Cease back to the Cubs in one of these 3 trade packages

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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The Chicago Cubs are a good baseball team that is clearly buyers at this stage of the game. After weeks of speculation about their status, they have forced Jed Hoyer's hand by winning tons of games. Now, the Chicago White Sox could try to take advantage.

The White Sox, unlike their crosstown rivals, are clearly sellers at this deadline. That means they have a few pieces that a team trying to make the playoffs would want.

One of those pieces could be Dylan Cease. It is unclear if the White Sox will trade him for sure but it sounds like they are at least considering it.

Of course, Cease was originally a Cubs prospect but he was traded to the White Sox along with Eloy Jimenez for Jose Quintana. Going back to the Cubs would be full circle for Cease.

If the Cubs were to get Cease back from the White Sox, it might look something like this:

Trade One

cubs cease 1

The Chicago White Sox could give Dylan Cease back to the Chicago Cubs.

The Chicago White Sox should not settle for less when they trade Dylan Cease. They should be trying to get as much as they can out of a deal like this.

Kevin Alcantara is the number four prospect in the Cubs system and the number 95 guy in the MLB Top 100. Clearly, people think very highly of him.

Brennan Davis is listed as the number seven prospect in the Chicago Cubs system. He has taken a fall over the last handful of years as he was a top-two guy for a long time. He was also a top-100 prospect at one point as well. A change of scenery might do him well.

Ed Howard played in the Chicago White Sox ACE Program at one point so seeing him in the White Sox organization all these years later would be so cool. Adding him into the trade makes perfect sense for these teams.