The White Sox send Dylan Cease back to the Cubs in one of these 3 trade packages

St. Louis Cardinals v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Two

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The White Sox could get some very good prospects for Dylan Cease.

The Chicago White Sox are a big-time seller at the deadline. They should be only moving Dylan Cease, however, for the perfect package.

If the Cubs wanted to get Dylan Cease back, they are going to pay. A couple of prospects that are sure to be MLB players are in order to get a guy like that.

Cade Horton and Ben Brown are both right handed pitchers in the MLB's Top 100. They are also the number two and number three prospect in the Chicago Cubs organization.

Cade Horton could very well end up being a front-line starter in the league one day. Getting a prospect like that for Cease is necessary.

Ben Brown is also a very solid pitcher that could be very impactful in Major League Baseball if he is developed properly.

The one thing the White Sox have had a moderate amount of success with is developing pitchers. For that reason, a package like this is something to consider.