The White Sox should try to get Lucas Giolito back

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The Chicago White Sox are a bad baseball team. They were so bad that they made big-time trades during the off-season.

One of those trades was sending Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo to the Los Angeles Angels for their number two and three prospects.

This was the second time that the two of them were traded together as they came over to the Sox together in the Adam Eaton trade.

Now, they have been put on waivers together as the Los Angeles Angels made that big decision on Tuesday.

The Chicago White Sox should bring back Lucas Giolito via waivers.

Yes, they gave up two really good prospects for six Giolito starts and 12 Lopez appearances. It was one of the worst trades they've ever made.

Giolito and Lopez are not the only two players put on waivers from the Los Angeles Angels. After buying at the deadline, they have had one of the worst stretches. Now, some of their players are suffering consequences.

Now, it would be very funny if the Chicago White Sox found a way to claim Giolito back. They'd still get to keep the prospects they got in return for Giolito so bringing him back would be hilarious.

It would be like he never left but they all of a sudden have these two extra good prospects. They could also build him back up again and make a trade next year if they so wanted.

Giolito's long-term future is cloudy so he might as well finish this season with the Sox. However, if he makes it to a team going to the playoffs, that would be cool for him on a personal note.

Giolito deserves all of the love in the world. It is kind of a shame that he won't be winning anything with the White Sox so he might as well go try somewhere else.

It would be nice to see him end up somewhere that treats him well, helps him succeed individually, and gives him a chance to win. It would be even nice to see that place be the Chicago White Sox. We'll soon find out what is to be of his September.

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