White Sox: 3 teams that must trade for Dylan Cease this off-season

San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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3. Milwaukee Brewers

The Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers make a lot of sense for a trade.

The Chicago White Sox and Milwaukee Brewers aren't that far away from each other. They also have made some trades in the past and now would be great partners to do so again.

Milwaukee won the NL Central Division but was bounced out by being swept in the Wild Card round. Now, they are picking up the pieces and looking to be ready for another competitive year in 2024. They need a lot of work.

There is a bit of an issue for them right now though. Brandon Woodruff is going to miss most (if not all) of the 2024 season which is going to take a big hit to their starting rotation. The Brewers rely a lot on pitching so this is a big loss for them.

This team needs to make a huge addition to replace Woodruff while he is away. The nice thing about them potentially trading for Cease would be that they'd get to keep him long after Woodruff comes back if they want. It is a no-brainer for both sides.

It is a shame that we are talking about this at the end of the year instead of winning plans but that is what the White Sox are right now. Until they become a better/smarter organization, this is it.

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