White Sox: The Athletic's proposed divisions are insane

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have been in the AL Central for a long time. In the division with them are the Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, Cleveland Guardians, and Kansas City Royals.

Over the recent years, the White Sox, Royals, and Tigers have had their moments but Cleveland and Minnesota have been the better teams in the division.

Major League Baseball has been talking about expanding for a long time and it could happen sooner than later. There are plenty of places in the United States and Canada that could use a team.

If that were to happen, you might see the league realign things a little bit. Well, The Athletic came out with some proposed new divisions with the expansion teams involved.

The White Sox and the rest of the league could see some changes.

Every division in this proposal has four teams instead of five. It is also divided into the Eastern and Western Conferences instead of the long-standing National and American Leagues. Of all the changes, that would be the hardest for folks to swallow.

The White Sox are listed in the Midwest Division of the Western Conference with the Chicago Cubs, Minnesota Twins, and Milwaukee Brewers.

Obviously, the big story would be joining a division with the Chicago Cubs. That would mean that the two rivals would play a lot more often and the games would be significantly more meaningful.

The Brewers are the closest geographical team to the White Sox besides the Cubs and the Twins would also be coming to this division from the AL Central. The rivalries that would come from this division would be electric if they actually went through with it.

One of the issues for the White Sox is that all of the great western teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, and Houston Astros would be in their way of playoff success (if they ever made it).

This is nothing more than a proposal but anything can happen any of these years. This league won't stay at 30 teams forever so wondering how that would look sure is fun to think about. Hopefully, it would be something that helps the White Sox.

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