White Sox: The pitch clock seemed to effect the game time

Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers
Chicago White Sox v Detroit Tigers / Mark Cunningham/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox played in their first spring training game of the season on Saturday afternoon. They lost 6-2 but the San Diego Padres pulled away after the starters for both teams started to come out.

This isn't about results on the scoreboard. It is about the team getting ready for the new season. There are some people that clearly have some work to do but everyone seems to have an amazing attitude about this year.

This was the first time that we got to see Pedro Grifol in actual game action. He took it in stride as the team seems to be giving maximum effort on a day-to-day basis already.

One other thing that players need to get used to this year in addition to their new teammates and upgraded coaching staff is the new rules implemented by MLB ahead of this year.

The Chicago White Sox got to see the pitch clock in action on Saturday.

The one that was most noticeable in this game with the San Diego is the new pitch clock. One day prior, the Padres actually had a game and Manny Machado became the first batter to ever be hit with an "automatic ball" because he didn't handle the new rule well.

Well, the White Sox got to check what it was all about in game action for the first time. Obviously, there are plenty of hitters and pitchers that still haven't experienced it live action yet but that is what spring training is for. Everyone is sure to be ready for it when the season begins for real later next month.

The most noticeable thing with the new rule, however, has nothing to do with actual baseball. It has more to do with the speed of a game.

The game only lasted two hours and 34 minutes which is short for a baseball game that had eight runs scored. The pitch clock clearly works if the goal is to shorten games. That is obviously going to be met with mixed reviews but we will have to wait and see how everyone adjusts.

As we saw with Machado in their first game, it is for the batters to get used to just as much. This is going to be something to keep an eye on as the exhibition season goes along.

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